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We Love our PUPPIES!! 

 Please go to our Contact Us Page for Directions   We are 10 miles south of Youngstown, Not TOLEDO.                 

We No Longer have the House Phone.  

Please call or Text my Cell at 330-881-3778                 

 Our Typical prices:


CURRENTLY We ONLY have Astra FEMALE Pups Available. The prices will be in the $1500 for Companion pets and $3000 and up for Show Quality.

 December 2016 is the only Female Pet that is available.

Typical Puppy produced here at Kridler's German Shepherds. This female pup is No Longer Available but will have photos updated soon.  Please contact us directly for more information.
Below are photos to enjoy of the Astra to Denver pups.  SUPER DEEP QUALITY and we highly recommend using Denver.  Please contact us directly for more information on his stud services.

 Above top is Denver, SG1, IPO 1 Denver vom Palez Team.  


Exciting News for us here! We were able to Lease the Gorgeous VA Djamo vom Flichtenslag daughter, Toska.  She blessed us with 4 females on 7/9/16

The father is Denver, same sire as the Astra pups.  We have kept the two girls and will be selling this one female as a Companion/Pet/ Breeding Quality.  Please contact us directly for pricing and availability.


 DIVA TO AREX Pups born at my Friend Paula...**ALL SOLD**

 Below is Diva.  She is due Beginning of May 2016


Below the Diva pups are GORGEOUS!  Born 5/3/16

8 Healthy beauties!

2 males and 6 females

Below is Arex.  He is from Serbia and a son of VA Atos Aus Agrigento.


Prior Litters are Below from 12/14/15

 Photos Below were taken on 11/25/15  Just a few photos of the 10 pups!

 Photos Below are at 5 days old!  All Pups Doing GREAT!!!


KridlerContract8.2015.rtf KridlerContract8.2015.rtf
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Our Puppy Contract 

Please view it as it will be signed 

in duplicate if you are buying a pup. 

Our Motto: We Hope to be the People our Dogs think we Are!    

Our pups are sold as Pets/ Companions first.  All Deposits are Non-Refundable.  

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>> View our OnLine Puppy Contract Above

(please call me if you can not open the Contract and I'll email it to you)              

 We No Longer have the House Phone.  Please call my Cell at 330-881-3778 


Previous Litters have been Awesome here at Kridler's German Shepherds.  

Give us a call for your next Best Friend! 


Pups Turn 6 Weeks!!  We had a BALL with these pups and I thank my Cousins and Great Puppy Buyers for such Super Time with them. 

We Took the pups to my work on 2/14/14 for some Valentine's Day Fun.  The Pups are so awesome.  They did Fantastic for their first outing! 

Below this Beautiful Girl Just Loves to pose for photos..


Below photos are the 5 boys from 2/1/14 

These photos are from 1/27/14.... Pups at 16 days old.

Below is our Beautiful "Bit".  She has been bred to "Arex".

 Bit is a daughter of  Ch. ScHh1 Armani vom Finkenweg, OFA Excellent and Claire who is litter sister to Grand Victrix Signature's Miami v. Kridler, OFA.    We are expecting Great looking pups that will have Excellent Minds and Beautiful type.  


1/11/14 Bit has Delivered 10 Beautiful pups!  5 males and 5 females!  

And they are Beyond Beautiful!  She is being an Excellent Mother and All pups look Fantastic. 

Arex to Cappy Pups Below****
updated- 2/26/14

 Cappy and her Pups came home last night.  She spent 3 weeks with my friend Jodi !  THANK YOU Jodi and Tom for your Excellent Care of Cappy and the 6 Arex babes.  These are Last nights photos!  2/6/14  WOW>..Arex is producing SUPER Type!! Look at how Beautiful they are!





1/27/14 The Cappy x Arex pups at 9 days are so Fat and Happy!  LOVE the beautiful pups and am so proud of my Cappy for Loving her pups and being so good for Jodi, her doggie sitter.


BORN - 1/19/14 Cappy Has Delivered 6 BIG Happy Pups! 

5 Females and 1 Male.  

She was C-Sectioned and this will be her last litter.  

Below is "Cappy"- Kridler's Capricorn, OFA H&E.  She is now 6 1/2.  Her mother is Best In Show Amer. & Can. Champion Kridler's Tanzanite v. Signature, OFA ROM(#5 in country).  Her father is Select Excellent Champion Darby-Dan's Just Jack, OFA, ROM.  She has been bred to Arex. 

Below is "Arex"   

He has been bred to several females and we are Super Excited about these upcoming litters.    


Above, is Cappy's mother, Best In Show, Amer & Can. Champion Kridler's Tanzanite v. Signature, OFA, ROM.  

Below is Cappy's  Father, Select Excellent Champion Darby-Dan's Just Jack, OFA, ROM.   

 Puppy Prices: 

Our Pups are priced Reasonably for the Extreme Quality of our dogs.  

We have Studied bloodlines, done Years of Health tests, and put Hours of Intense time for our pups. 

 Please call us for prices.   

Above is Xoe, she is now 5 yrs old and a spectacular producer. She is medium sized and fabulously smart.    










Below are some of our previous litters from Stu....  

 ++++Below is one of the Dixie x Stu girls at 8.5 weeks(9/9/11) and sent to me today from her Fantastic Owner,Ruthie Stoll is the 4 month old photo of Kridler's Magnolia "Hope".  THANK You Ruthie for loving Hope and sharing this photo!!


 From the first breeding of Stu to Dixie

 Below Stu is in the middle of Uncle Red and Great Aunt Stella.


Phones: (H) 330-549-0310 or

 (C) 330-881-3778


Some of our Previous Litters>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

 Below is "Stu".  He is OFA Certified Good Hips and Temperament Certified by the German Shepherd Dog CLub of America, score 97/100.  He is Extremely Intelligent, Excellent Health, and the Combination of American(mother is GVx Sel Ch. Kridler's Ruby) and Germany(Sire is VV Dux vom Haus Barder, "A" stamp good hips, ScHh1) . 

MORE Stu Pups Born... Zoey is from the Vom Farbenspiel Kennel( one of the Best of German Lines in the USA) and she has 4 males and 4 females.  Born 8/9/12 and are located at Susan Hazeltine's home in Columbus, Ohio.

 09/10/12 UPDATE-- Only 1 female is available and 3 males.  Please contact Kridler's for more info. 10/31 all pups are sold from the litter below...hopefully they are in loving homes and will be as happy with their Stu kids as we've seen in the past.

MORE Stu Photos Below...... 

Stu is a Once in a Lifetime dog for me.  He is Extra Special because he is a Son of my Grand Victrix Ruby. His father is now back in Germany, VV, ScHh2 Dux vom Haus Barder.  We've broght the best of both worlds and now we're sharing him with the lucky few. 

Above Stu taken 4/12/11. 

Below is Kimber, enjoying an Outing with her "other family" the Jondas.  Kimber is a Stu x Caraway daughter. She is 5 months old.

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