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Kridler's K 9-11 German Shepherd Rescue 

We are Members of AGSRA and Hope to always be available to take a Rescue or Two.  Our theory has always been if we can bring the dogs into this world, we should help the ones that need placed.

We are Members of AGSRA

WE Believe as Breeders you should do anything possible to save and rescue GSD's.  We accept into our Rescue only dogs that we test and personally work with to re-home.  We CANNOT accept any agressive Dogs.  We are a smalltime kennel and only have 6 dog runs.  We cannot help them all.  Please contact us directly for future Rescues.



12/08/13 ALL RESCUES 



New Rescue Girls here!  

Their owners lost their home due to unemployment.  These girls are a mother and daughter.  Both are Housebroken and raised with children.  They are UTD on shots and Spayed.  Please call us for More Info.

Scarlet now is living in Charlotte, NC with Ted G. and a male that he purchased from me 7 yrs ago.  She has adjusted VERY well with this Exciting life for her.  THANK YOU TED! 

Scarlet is 5 yrs old and a Sweetheart.  She is friendly and just wants loved.  She needs obedience training, but is very healthy and willing to learn.   

Carmen is now living in Boardman, OH with Kristeen.  She is Loved and has Never to worry about another meal or another dog bothering her.  She sleeps on Kristeen's bed at night and goes for Long walks every day. THANK YOU KRISTEEN! 

Carmen is 3 yrs old.  She is not as calm as her mother.  She will need someone that has worked with a GSD, but I do feel she is sound.  She has Never walked on a leash and she is concerned when she is out of sight of her mother.   




3/3/13 Rescued 10 month old Puppy!!!

This Beautiful girl was chained to a boulder with no shelter and removed by the warden.  She was scared and neglected.  She is a very INTELLIGENT and agile little girl.  She is housebroken and selective to who she likes.  Once she knows you she is extremely loving and will make someone a Life Long fabulous friend. 



RE HOMED and LOVED!!!! See Below:


Check up on Sheba... She is Fantastic!!  Loved and LOVED more!! Cyril is having a great time teaching Sheba new things.  She follows him everywhere and learned about cows, horses, and what Love really is.  He can't say enough how happy he is with her.

2/27/12  SHEBA Has found a New Home!! THANKS to my Great Friend Paula for sending Cyril to Adopt her.  

2/16/13.. . We have Sheba Looking for a forever Loving home.  She was Rescued within minutes of being Euthanized.  She is from a Puppy Mill in Southern Ohio that bred her every heat and she is ONLY 1 1/2 yrs old.  She is now Spayed, Heart worm Negative, UTD on All Booster shots and Microchipped.  She is SUPER sweet and Loving.  She is Crate Trained but not fully housebroken yet.  She is Excellent with children but Not with small dogs or Cats.  She deserves a Inside home with fenced yard and LOVING people that will pet and scratch her belly!!   


Today we saved "Sheba" from being Put to Sleep.  She was turned in to the Jefferson Co. Ohio Humane Shelter because she had attacked a neighbor dog.  According to Cassie at the shelter, she was in a horrible situation where she was being bred every heat and chained to a dog house and in mud.  She is ONLY a Year and a Half old. 

She is scheduled for this coming Monday to get Spayed, UTD on shots, HW check and Microchipped.  

She is SAFE, Warm, and Friendly.  She will be available for adoption in a couple weeks.  She is only to go to a fenced yard, INDOOR home, with No other dogs or one older male GSD.  She is friendly with children and adults.  No Cats either, I would assume.   


We had Sheba Spayed and UTD on shots and given a clean bill of health.  She is all healed and ready to be placed in her new Home.  If you are interested in Sheba please call me at 330-881-3778. 

Below "Sheba" is Healthy, happy and very Loving.  We wish for her to find a Perfect Family home with loads of love for a fantastic dog.

WOOOO HOOO!! 12/30/12 UPDATE-----

Keena has found a forever loving home!  Thanks to Vicki Burkey-Bridgens for finding her a great home.

09/10/12  We are currently Helping some with the Northern Ohio German Shepherd Rescues .

THIS WILL BE Limited to one or two Rescues at a time.   

PLEASE SEE BELOW for our Newest Saved GSD's.

Rescue Keena - 09/10/12

 We were called by the Beaver Twp Police for a GSD at large.  She had ran into the side of a car and didn't look injured but they were unable to catch her.  So my Sister and I went and coaxed her to a leash.  Found out that she was Neglected over 2 yrs by her owner.  She would only get fed when the son was in town.  She was voluntarily signed over to us to place her.  "Keena" is a 2 1/2 yr old female, UTD on shots, Spayed, and needs a loving inside home.  She has needed many hours of socializing, but today we made great strides and she has allowed us to pet and love on her.  

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++09/14/12 UPDATE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

 Keena has IMPROVED greatly with some loving guidance.  We feel she can be placed in a home with no children, but someone that has had GSD's before and wants a great companion.  She is a OPEN SLATE DOG.  This means she is ready to learn whatever you teach her.  SHe catches on quickly and is VERY appreciative to all she is taught.  


Call Tari at 



*************** Previous Rescues Below****************

>>>  These are just a few of the past<< 

God Bless their New Owners for loving them so much! 

 Here at Kridler's German Shepherds we have the belief that if we can bring a pup into this world, we should be able to Rescue as well.  We have been doing Rescues since 1990 and Have had beautiful success stories throughout the years.  We do make our Adoptions sign a contract and we charge a small fee as we beleive no dog is Free and we put money into them by vetting them and getting them Spayed or Neutered. We are a member of the ASGRA, American German Shepherd Rescue Association. 


Site Updated...9/5/11 RESCUES PLACED...   Black dog has found a loving wonderful home in Pennsylvaina. 


"Black Dog" came to us a week ago.  He was owner surrendered to the Youngstown Chapter Animal Charity.  He is 11/2 yrs old.  Purebred. Medium to large boy.  Neutered, Up to date on all shots, Heart worm negative, and Best of All...Obedience trained.  Here he is doing Sit Stay.   I would prefer him to go to someone with no small children, tho his temperament is excellent, and a fenced in back yard.  His cost is $250. 

Contact Tari at 330-881-3778, after 7 pm best. 


Do the right thing...Unless you are Reputable Breeder of Quality Animals...GET THEM NEUTERED OR SPAYED. 

Below Sophia going home.............

5/14/11   SOPHIA has been Adopted!!!  She has found a loving wonderful home.  THANK YOU MIKE!!! 

 4/29/11  This Beautiful Girl came to our Rescue.  She was brought here after being found wandering the streets of Youngstown, Ohio.  She is about 3-4 yrs old and very, VERY, Friendly.  She was kept at a home and an Ad put in the paper as well as calls to all shelters.  No one claimed her.  She will be available for Adoption in approx. 3 weeks as she is in Heat right now and can't get spayed until she comes out of season. 

Her Name is "Sophia".  She is Loving and gets along with other dogs.  She had a collar with a tag on it with her name.  She loves belly rubs and was excellent for me to trim her nails and clean her ears.  We want an inside home for her.  Preferrably a fenced in backyard, and she needs a refresher Obedience course but she has some beginning training and is smart as a whip.

Contact Tari at 330-881-3778, after 7 pm best. 

*** All Photos are owned by Kridler's German Shepherds and MAY NOT BE Copied or Reproduced WithOut written Permission by Tari Kridler.** 

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